Don Morris | About
My Name is Don Morris and I have been involved in Photography since 1948 at age six. My grandfather bought my first camera for me. It was a Kodak brownie hawk-eye. I took lots of black and white snap shots with that camera and developed and printed them in the basement of our family home in Wilmette Illinois.

It wasn’t until many years had passed late in 1965 before I became more serious about my Photography. I was working as a professional pilot and one day I decided that I would like to take some photographs of the wildlife on the airport while I was waiting for my passengers to get back to the airport for the flight home.

The airport operator loaned me his car and I drove into the town of Waycross, Georgia and bought my first Nikon F model camera. The passengers on that trip subsequently bought some of my photographs that I had taken that day along with a magazine that used them for an article on wildlife.

And a new business is born – The “Fly Boy Photique.” it was only "Photique" in the beginning however there are so many businesses with that name today that I recently added “Fly Boy” to distinguish it from all the others. I have done Weddings, Model Portfolio's, Ariel Photography, and I even worked as a medical photographer for a number of years until Aviation called once again.

Recently my wife Alice has shown her interest in Photography and I will include some of her photos as well. She is interested in the same subjects that I am but she has really become very interested in photographing both Animals and Flowers.

Although I have retired from commercial aviation, I still fly my own aircraft and I still take Photographs all over the world when my wife and I travel. I have always wanted to find a way to share my passion for both aviation and Photography. With the arrival of digital cameras and the Internet, I think that I have found a way to do that with this website. – I hope you enjoy the Galleries. - Don